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The Copper Museum

Created by the local town hall team in 1986, with the help of the population, the ADRAC, the Conseil Général (Department Council), this museum covers the history of our village of craftsmen thanks to an exhibition and two videos.

Five centuries of know-how that have been passed on by craftsmen from father to son and have reached us. They might disappear for ever, that’s why through this exhibition of old traditional objects you will discover the life of our parents and forefathers.

Cauldrons, cooking-pots, pie dishes… they are all objects whose shape is familiar but the way they were used has been forgotten by most of us. The history of the spring wash, using ash and how it evolved, is closely linked to that of hygiene. A small still, which was made in Durfort by one of the craftsmen, allowed Revel to become famous with the making of Pippermint, a mint liqueur.

A film shows the ‘Martinet’, a huge power hammer, powered by the force of water which could hit the metal more than twice a second with a weight of one and a half metric tons (1500 kilos), a piece of heated copper (800°C) will be shaped in the hands of a ‘master martineur’, and you will see it become a cauldron, an item which was most necessary at the time of our grandparents.

Another film describes the different ways and techniques used in the village to make copper objects from sheets of metal: soldering, brazing, chiselling, lathe work…to create ornaments, you’ll be amazed by the skill of our craftsmen.

Your visit will be made more vivid by a competent and enthusiastic guide who will make it a day to remember. He will no doubt tell you lots of anecdotes and all your questions will be welcome.


Why is copper less popular today?

Red copper or yellow?

Copper as a utensil or an ornament?

How to take care of copper objects?


Since 2015 the museum has had a temporary exhibition every year, the theme of this year’s exhibition is ‘miniature copper objects’.
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Les différentes étapes de la fabrication d’un objet en cuivre